With affiliated companies in Hong Kong, New York City and Chicago, Acker Merrall hosts auctions every month, both live and on the internet. Drawing upon its deep network of relationships among private collectors and in the wine industry, Acker Merrall offers the widest selections of the rarest and most sought-after wine to customers across the world.

Acker Merrall’s CEO is John Kapon. John and his team led Acker Merrall into the Hong Kong wine auction market almost immediately after the tax on imported wine was eliminated in 2008. That early, entrepreneurial decision, in tandem with hard work by the entire Acker Merrall team and leadership, and a love and passion for great wine, has enabled Acker Merrall to become the largest global fine and rare wine auction firm six out of the last seven years.

You can receive John’s unique tasting notes and narrative throughout the year in his Vintage Tasting Reports. You can also follow John on Twitter, where his focus remains wine notes, uncluttered by little else as Acker Merrall is his firm, and great wine his passion.


1998 Acker Merrall US auctions established

2008 Acker Merrall & Condit (Asia) conducts first Hong Kong Auction.