We auction more fine and rare wine than any other firm in the world. We are the largest global fine and rare wine auction firm for a reason. Wine lovers and collectors choose to consign and sell their wine through us because we deliver results and strong prices. Auctioning more great wine faster due to our extensive global auction calendar and because collectors know they can find the great wines of the world at every Acker Merrall auction. We take great care in making sure that at every step of the process, from appraisal through to delivery of the wines into our warehouses followed by shipment to the winning bidders, your collection is perfectly cared for.

To receive a free, no obligation and confidential appraisal please email us at Please send us your list of wines in Excel, Word or Acrobat PDF form to help speed our appraisal process. If you have any questions about our appraisal or consignment process before you send us your collection for appraisal please contact us via one of the following:


Our Hong Kong office: +852.2525.0538